Videotaping a deposition


We use high-end, broadcast quality cameras and audio equipment to ensure the best image quality and audio clarity possible. Our videographers are highly trained and come from a variety of backgrounds from broadcast and motion pictures to corporate and wedding videography. Our team members are all Notary Publics (in accordance with California Civil Code 2025).

Video Inspections

This service is used in a multitude of cases from Construction and Engineering, Safety, Property Damage as well as other uses such Accident Recreation and Document Preservation. We work directly with all individuals involved to ensure all production needs are met from wireless audio packages to lighting requirements. Video Inspections are an invaluable tool in the courtroom or settlement negotiations.

Day-In-The-Life Videos

Day-in-the-Life videos are useful in demonstrating how the quality of life, lifestyle and daily routines of an individual have been affected by injury. It’s a fact, showing a judge or jury is more effective than telling. Nowhere is that more true than in a Day-in-the-life video. Our videographers are well-trained, highly sensitive, adaptive and unobtrusive while taping these videos so you can expect the highest level of respect and professionalism.

Settlement Videos

Settlement Videos are broadcast quality point-of-view documentaries aimed at eliciting an emotional response from the viewer. The videos tell the client’s story through the use of family and medical interviews, photos and exhibits, graphics and animation technology as well as professional voice over. They are intended for opposing counsel prior to mediation for the purpose of settlement and not intended for the courtroom.

Video Wills for Estate or Legacy Planning

Videos offer a chance to offer some final thoughts as well as head of legal disputes. More and more people are preparing a video to explain why certain gifts were made and others not made. The video recording might also show the execution of the will. Should the will be challenge, the video can provide compelling proof that the person making the will was mentally competent and observed the formalities of execution. Generally, a video will produced in consultation with an attorney would supplement, not substitute, a properly prepared written will.

Post Production Services

Courtroom Presentations

Video Synching to Transcript

See, hear and read the text of the deposition line by line.

Other Services

Providing legal video deposition services to the San Francisco Bay Area, including Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Cruz, Napa and Sonoma Counties.